About Savanne Holdings

Our mission is to generate world-class investment returns while developing new markets and synergies in the companies and assets that we acquire, operate, or provide strategic support for.

Savanne is an Operator driven acquisition and holding company. We are leading a major strategic effort to secure & consolidate supply chains worldwide with an emphasis on capturing value and building scale. Our initial focus is on building supply chain redundancy via vertical integration in Semiconductor and related technology sub-segments.

Savanne’s core team of operators has been working together in the semiconductor industry for decades. Our dynamic and orthogonal thinking team has a broad range of expertise including in technology, manufacturing, and deal financing.

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Experienced. Focused. Purpose driven global organization. We pride ourselves on having a diversified, high-performance culture and world class colleagues.

Gyan Tiwary

CEO & Chief Operator

25+ years industry experience
MSEE Rensselaer Polytechnic, NY

Michael Jin

Chief Operator, New Markets & Technology

20+ years of industry experience
PhD EE Stanford University, CA

Majid Kafi

Chief Operator, Semiconductors

30 + years of industry experience
MSEE / MBA San Jose State, CA

Thomas Chang

Chief Operator, Taiwan & Asia

30+ years of experience
MSEE, University of Cincinnati, OH

Target companies


Companies select Savanne because of our deep sector expertise and track record of proven strategic, operational, and financing capabilities. We ensure that a partnership-oriented approach enables our target companies to excel in product and operational innovation

What are we looking for in our targets?

Companies that are  scalable, differentiated and proven through time.

  • Targets are independent companies or a non-strategic asset of larger corporate parent
  • Revenue in the range of $10M-$250M with positive EDITDA and/or breakeven financials
  • Scalable business with large platform market opportunity
  • Receptiveness to controlling stake acquisition at the right valuation

Savanne identifies target companies through a rigorous process that typically takes 90-180 days of due diligence. Savanne provides a non-blind option for its investors to directly invest in the acquisitions.

Savanne strategy is not to gain incremental advantage via the sum of its parts. We are reinventing the supply chains by creating growth engines that have a fundamentally superior value proposition.